LG G3 lands with Style


 Is it the first LG phone in years
 That manages to wipe my tears,
 For its devices so stark that stray
 From style that's barren, when they
 Make just bends and buttons,that
 Bring out differences to look at.
 But cohesion it is here
 Compassion it is near.
 Extra curves that's nicely done,
 Simplicity that spares the none.
 Beautiful brushing at the back,
 No arrows to spoil the tack.
 A circle that keeps the unity,
 A texture that breaks the obscurity.
 The two like soldiers stand, they
 Are guarding the goods, oh hey
 The insides are also of good quality,
 A Snapdragon 801 to stop frivolity.
 Some three gigabytes of RAM,
 For apps to be able to cram
 Together, at the same time in
 The space of 32GB within.
 But a card slot there is for not internal
 Memories to keep far from the kernel
 Although, another version of the G3 there is
 Which 2GB RAM and 16GB memory are his.
 Other than that, both are the same,
 With a 13mp camera to blame,
 For the night pics, that are a tad too noisy
 But it's anyway for uploading for the nosy.
 With optical stabilization for less blurry
 Shots, when you move in a flurry
 Being 8.9 millimeter thin it matches
 The 3,000mAh battery it catches.
 Its weight at 150 gram, it's quite light.
 With the giant 534 ppi screen, it's bright.
 A 2mp front-cam that's built for selfies,
 Therefore it captures wide 77 degrees.
A fingerprint scanner is off course a must.
A laser focuser, to guide the camera through dust.
The user interface, that's different and flat.
An automated service, that's maybe not crap.

      Will the display at 5.5 inches big,
   Become the smartphones new standard?
        Will it continue to climb and dig,
    In the pockets, or will it stay stranded
            At a mark about this wide.
     Will 5 inches become the new mini,
         Or will something stop the tide?


  1. Well written! :D

  2. Awful and full of bad grammar. Unfortunately your career as a poet was over before it began... :(

  3. Good job! Keep up the good work!:)

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  5. Quite good, couldn't quite get the rhythm

  6. First for me came the s3,then came the galaxy 4.Then came the HTC,which for me seemed a bit sloppy but those front speakers people adored.But wait what is this,a LG/nexus mix,I must say I thought at last I've found and will look no more.unroll one day I was in dismay,buttons on back,hmmm,I'll try that,people said not this day.but after I played, got used to it and to this day,I look back and say,"man,glad I switched"now I see in my hand with glee,my great lgg3./I'm no poet but that's my smart phone story and the only sorry is I never tried a sony

  7. I don't know what happened with the spaces but that sucks and unroll is untill

  8. Omg stoner huh but I shaved tyres them all I do like the lgh3 better than st imho just seems more my style. Now info could get a nexus 9 for under 500

  9. But I do like my iPad 8.3 works slick for 100 buck can't fin a tabet better for that n7 maybe