Motorola Moto X: Still the Best Android Phone out there.

No, it never was the fastest nor the thinnest phone, but boy did it deliver. It made you not care about its specs when it's anyway so much more functional than anything else on the market.
The excellent always-listening and active notification features received raving reviews but lets not forget about the other great stuff. Back to the basics, just looking at its design, how they've managed to shove in a 4.7 inch Amoled display in such a compact body. Did you know that its body is just 2mm taller than the recently released Sony Xperia Z1 Compact? And that they basically share the same width profile?
Thats impressive! Remember, the Sony only manages a 4.3 inch display, Awesome, Not!

Now let's compare it to its most popular 4.7 inch rival, the HTC One. That's 8mm taller and 3mm wider, Why HTC? You're too tall and wide, and how much d'you cost?
You can clearly see Google's effort in the moto X shine up here. It makes a joke out of other devices.

I shouldn't neglect to mention the whole new invigorating idea of letting you, the customer, customizing your product, it's not just choosing the color and look of your device but even the feel of the backplate can be chosen. Want a smooth plastic body? Select the lighter colors. Sick of the glossy plastic phones? Choose the darker backplates which come in a matte finish. It's that simple.

Even now, the Moto X doesn't really have a challenger, the one that comes the closest is probably the Huawei ascend P6 with its affordable price and great features.
Huawei, you see, lies in china, a place that's that's lately a witness  to a big emergence in consumer electronic innovation.
So when the news broke that another Chinese company, Lenovo, is buying out Motorola, we knew where this lion of a phone range may soon be calling on for counsel.
Lenovo may soon have its wings spread out on the golden phone range of the Android world. And the good news is that Lenovo has promised to keep the awesomeness that the Moto X line is, and were grateful for it.
The Moto X2 is probably already well in development but the question remains, though, will the price stay as ridiculous an affordable?
Even if it doesn't, I'll sure as heck want one, especially if:

  • The display size stays the same.
  • The body gets a bit thinner.
  • The front of the device receives a more glamour-style face-lift, rather than retaining the Nexus-style front of the current Moto X.
  • It receives some power boost, and by that, I don't mean the snapdragon 805, rather I am looking at something like the snapdragon 800, this should do it justice.

So what d'you think, will Lenovo handle the goods well? Are you waiting for the Moto X and what are you expecting to get? Let's shout about it in the comments, will ya?

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  1. I've just got my Moto X. I saw the 2014 competition from Samsung, HTC and Sony, but their devices still aren't as good. And they don't seem to get it - while they're busy cramming their new phones with the fastest possible processors and adding ever more unnecessary pixels to their screens, as well as making the screens too large, Motorola keeps turning out an amazing all-round device.

    All the next version of the X needs is a better camera, although even this has improved with recent software updates.