What Apple's answer to windows 8 should be (Hint: make the ipad more useful)

It's no secret that the ipad started the current trendy tablet market, but a few years have gone by and windows 8 has already surfaced and perfected the tablet by allowing you to have the full desktop experience on your tablet without compromising the UI. Microsoft managed this no simple feat by designing a UI from scratch, a UI that would work well with touch and mouse alike.

Apple is sitting by and watching windows 8 unfold. They see that windows 8 is starting to eat some of it's market share and they know that they can't sit idle. Even though the ipad might still be the ultimate tablet on the market, the competing tablets will soon reach its quality, so Apple can't wait, they simply can't afford to lag behind Microsoft.

How Apple will respond to windows 8 is anyone's guess, but the following is what my advice would be to Apple.

1. Add Proper USB support, so that your pen drives and external drives will play nicely with your ipad.
I know this may sound too much to expect from Apple, but hey,    desperate measures call for desperate actions.

2. Add accurate Stylus capability to the ipad's display, that would make the ipad a professional creative tool and will draw in the creative community.

3. Add a native file system in IOS. This will put the ipad on par with many other OS's out there and make the it seem less 'toyish'.

4. Put the ipad on a diet, while the ipad is already thinner and lighter than the heavyweight Surface pro, it's still lagging behind its own grandpa, the ipad 2. A new design also makes sense now.

How do you like my advice? Agree or disagree in the comments.

p.s.: The fourth one is probably a goer, according to the rumours anyway, that the next ipad will feature an ipad mini-like design. But all of the above first 3 features can already be found on Microsoft's surface pro, which shows how limited the ipad can be in some respects.


  1. Is that all you got?
    I can list several other changes that the iPad needs before it can be a serious competitor in terms of capabilities compared with the Surface / Surface Pro -
    1. Multi-user accounts.
    2. Micro SD card slot integrated for extra storage.
    3. Viewing two or more apps side-by-side.
    4. Integrated kick-stand with two positions.
    5. Full multi-monitor support.
    6. Run any software you want, even virtual machines! Even Android apps can be run on Surface Pro.
    7. Live Tiles and a much more customisable Start screen.
    8. Mouse support for when you are using applications in desktop mode.
    9. Microsoft Outlook (full version) and the rest of the Office suite.

  2. Love you advice ,would like to see windows go down ooo and samsung