The case for the smartwatch

With all the excitement surrounding the rumoured Apple iwatch, many people like to downplay the smartwatch as an unneeded devicess, intended for those too lazy to get their smartphones out of their pocket. But they miss something crucial, and that is, that a good smartwatch has the potential to convince you to leave your phone at home, or at the very least, leave it in your bag. Think about it, that's revolutionary! In fact, in the future, smartphones and smartwatches will fuse together into one wearable thing, since wearable tech is clearly the next big thing.

But before that happens, smartwatches will represent a different category than smartphones, you won't be able to do everything very well on your smartwatch but neither will there be a need to carry around your smartphone everywhere with you, and free pockets is a good thing, right?

Imagine this, your phone is safely strapped to your wrist, so no more worrying that your phone will fall out of your pocket when running and no more worrying that you will misplace it in some public place. That alone makes smartwatches worthy of replacing your smartphone as the go-everywhere device.
Samsung smartwatch from 2009

As technology is being miniaturized by the day, manufactures are having another go at the smartwatch. Now we have bendable displays, more efficient cpu's and special UI interfaces adapted for small screens, so you'll be able to do virtually everything on your smartwatch.

The same Apple that put the tablet market on fire, will be the same Apple to start the fire in the smartwatch market. So lets hope the elusive iwatch doesn't turn out to be some kind of connection accessory for the iphone (like the pebble watch), since that would defeat a major purpose of the smartwatch, which is to make you less in need of your smartphone.

A Nokia concept showing a smartphone/smartwatch fusion:

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  1. I'd rather see a Windows Watch that gives me all my social feeds, the news, (accurate) weather reports, (accurate) mapping and M.S.N.