Motorola may have finally gotten the message (with Google's help)

Above is a photo of a leaked nice Motorola phone with a 4 inch display, pretty normal stuff, right? Until you look at the spec sheet that came with it:
720p screen
Adreno 320 GPU
2GB of RAM
2,000mAh battery

Can you believe that? A retina-class display and 2GB of RAM on a 4 inch android handset! Crazy, right?

After years of waiting for a small but high-specd Android handset, it seems Motorola may finally be the one to have an answer up their sleeve.

p.s. you may notice that CPU type is missing from the spec sheet,so fingers crossed for a snapdragon 600 (a newer chipset which houses an Adreno 320 GPU alongside it).


  1. Looks like the screen is larger than 4". I hope Moto hasn't been too influenced by Google, I wouldn't like them removing the SD card slot.


  3. It was mirrored by another user here.