Can Samsung afford a recycled design for the Galaxy S4?

Leaked images and video seem to suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S4 may very well feature a design thats heavily influenced by its predecessor, that is the Galaxy S3.
If this is indeed the case, you may wonder: Why? What would make such a high profile company like Samsung decide to recycle a design for it's top notch line of phones?
The answer may lie in... Apple!
Remember how the iphone 4s was basically a copy of its predecessor, the iphone 4? And how it still sold millions?
Well, Samsung has now established its brand so well, that it too can now pull out the same trick that Apple did with the iphone 4s.
Of course, the differences are there, the Galaxy S4 has a 5 inch display instead of a 4.8 inch one, but the design language may be completely unchanged.

For Samsung, there's no need to be that cutting edge any more, its brand has grown beyond recognition, heck, some of its customers might even be pleased about the new device having the same'Galaxy look' again.
So in short: Yes, Samsung can very well afford to recycle old designs for it's new phones.

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