3 things HTC needs to address with their smartphone lineup

With HTC expected to release a financial report with a 90% drop in profits, you'd expect that by now, HTC would've worked out a way to rescue their failing smartphone venture.
Let's hope that they have, but we've also thought about that.
And here are 3 things we think HTC needs to include in their effort to bring back their market success.

1. Focus on UI:  love it or hate it, Sense UI had some serious flaws on the One X, so let's hope that the next version of sense will work flawlessly, something Samsung has already managed to do from the Galaxy S3 onwards.

2. Camera perfomance: HTC has already hinted that their next device will feature an innovative camera, and if image quality will indeed hold up to this promise, HTC may well change thair track record in photography, since,lets face it, the One X's Camera couldnt hold a candle against the likes of the Galaxy S2/S3 or the iphone 4S/5.

3. Design: HTC is famous for their designs, and for a good reason. But as high-end phones continue to grow wider ad taller, those who want a more manageable smaller,but still high-end device are left with only one choice:the iphone, so HTC may stand to gain by making a smaller high-performing phone.

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