Android needs a better navigation system

What's the problem with the current one?

Well, if you own an android tablet you are probably well versed with the statues bar, it's the black bar at the bottom  of your tablet's display that has all the helpful navigation buttons.
But did you ever think about the distraction it causes when you want a full screen experience?
If not, then think about it the next time you browse the web,play a game etc., and you may soon realize that the statues bar is really one big waist of space, and poses a distraction when you want to focus on the important things on the screen.

The statues bar may also contribute to the perception that android tablets are dumb, which they are a bit, considering the lack of support they receive, but getting rid of one the things holding back android tablets is surely a good thing for the android platform.

What are others doing?

If you look at the ipad's or Microsoft's surface's user interface you will see that both are embracing the full-screen future, both have neat gestures to make navigation swift and intuitive and both try to be as distraction-free as possible.
Unfortunately, that that all can't be said on Android in its current state, and that's a problem Google needs to deal with quickly, if it wants to stay competitive in this challenging market.

So how then should android navigate?

Well, there are tons of possibilities out there, below is just one gesture-based idea that can be tweaked and utilized in so many different ways.


  1. Android has the BEST Navigation system. Google is free and it is also the best. Anyone who doesn't think so try Apple's latest and greatest Navigation experience. You will quickly thank Google for their fantastic and FREE Maps and Navigation.

  2. How will I play cut the rope if every time I swipe bottom to top it sends me home? In other words, how do you differentiate that these gestures should be used in this context instead of the current application's intended use?

  3. You seriously think that the status bar will keep them from being competitive? Let's put aside the fact that Android already is dominating the marketplace. Of all the criticisms you could have, the notification bar is the issue? Have you actually used android? Just because you played some game that the developer choose to not have override the bar, doesn't mean it's not possible! Have you watched Netflix on android? FULL SCREEN without a notification bar!

  4. What i meant with this example, is from the edge swipes, so it wont register as a navigation unless you start at the edge of the display, in a similar fashion to the Nokia N9,windows 8, blackberry 10 and WebOS.