LG G3 lands with Style


 Is it the first LG phone in years
 That manages to wipe my tears,
 For its devices so stark that stray
 From style that's barren, when they
 Make just bends and buttons,that
 Bring out differences to look at.
 But cohesion it is here
 Compassion it is near.
 Extra curves that's nicely done,
 Simplicity that spares the none.
 Beautiful brushing at the back,
 No arrows to spoil the tack.
 A circle that keeps the unity,
 A texture that breaks the obscurity.
 The two like soldiers stand, they
 Are guarding the goods, oh hey
 The insides are also of good quality,
 A Snapdragon 801 to stop frivolity.
 Some three gigabytes of RAM,
 For apps to be able to cram
 Together, at the same time in
 The space of 32GB within.
 But a card slot there is for not internal
 Memories to keep far from the kernel
 Although, another version of the G3 there is
 Which 2GB RAM and 16GB memory are his.
 Other than that, both are the same,
 With a 13mp camera to blame,
 For the night pics, that are a tad too noisy
 But it's anyway for uploading for the nosy.
 With optical stabilization for less blurry
 Shots, when you move in a flurry
 Being 8.9 millimeter thin it matches
 The 3,000mAh battery it catches.
 Its weight at 150 gram, it's quite light.
 With the giant 534 ppi screen, it's bright.
 A 2mp front-cam that's built for selfies,
 Therefore it captures wide 77 degrees.
A fingerprint scanner is off course a must.
A laser focuser, to guide the camera through dust.
The user interface, that's different and flat.
An automated service, that's maybe not crap.

      Will the display at 5.5 inches big,
   Become the smartphones new standard?
        Will it continue to climb and dig,
    In the pockets, or will it stay stranded
            At a mark about this wide.
     Will 5 inches become the new mini,
         Or will something stop the tide?

Nikon ousts two new mirrorless cameras, 1 J4 and 1 S2

                                                 J4: I've got 18.4 million pixels
                                                 J2: 4.2 million more than me
                                                 J4: Will I beat the Sony?
                                                 J2: Why was I chosen to be the cheap one?
                                                 J4: Will I beat the Sony?
                                                 J2: Why was I chosen to be the ugly one?
                                                 J4: Don't know, but will I beat the Sony?
                                                 J2: Which Sony?
                                                 J4: The A6000 perhaps?
                                                 J2: Unlikely but who knows
                                                 J4: And why would I not?
                                                 J2: He has a better name
                                                       Much more a bigger fame
                                                       A hugely bigger sensor to blame
                                                       For Noisy shots on the frame
                                                       And then to cast the bigger blame
                                                       On the cheap lense that's not
                                                       Fast enough to plot
                                                       All the light of the entire
                                                       Subject of desire
                                                       So that he can go and splash
                                                       On some wider aperture with cash
                                                       But the camera he will hold dear
                                                       For it offers quality shear
                                                 J4: But what about price, isn't my tag
                                                       All in all lower in the bag
                                                 J2: Not by much, the margin is not
                                                       Big enough to tie the knot
                                                       Of the bag that in it you can
                                                       Be carried by many a potential fan
                                                 J2: Now why am I in the dark left
                                                       That rocks my emotions a heft
                                                 J4: I'd prefer the dark over limelight
                                                 J2:  But lucky you are not in both
                                                 J4: Back to focus on me because
                                                       So numerous are my points
                                                       It ties me throughout my joints
                                                       And then the speed so fast
                                                       My shutter at 1/6000 what a blast
                                                  J2: Both more than the Sony indeed
                                                        But in importance it's not much in need
                                                  J4: But appeal I will to those
                                                       Who the quick shutter and 20fps
                                                       Are ideal tools to freeze
                                                       Or make a slow-mo when it's froze
                                                       My buttons so lovely to press
                                                       And my touchscreen a breeze
                                                       Neither he nor you it shows
                                                       Can use it as an express
                                                       To finger-focus while it goes
                                                       For a touch ability you don't profess
                                                 J2: You've got the worlds fastest AF system
                                                       To beat in this contested ecosystem
                                                      Where fastest focus is best
                                                       This sets you from the rest
                                                 J4: I'm smaller,thinner and lighter
                                                      Than the Sony
                                                      The real covert fighter
                                                      What a crony
                                                       Covert or conspicuous
                                                       Listen my pony
                                                       I'm your tool your delicious
                                                 J2: A 1 inch sized sensor we both share
                                                       But how many a lens can we care?
                                                 J2: We both take a total of 13 glass
                                                       While the Sony gets 15 of his class
                                                       And here we sum up our debate
                                                       Let us hope for reviews of good rate