MWC 2014: recap of hottest products

What an MWC this was, Samsung's next flagship, Sony's next flagship and gasp.. three Android Nokia's!
Let's make a short recap on the hottest devices announced.

HTC Desire 8: Should HTC's next flagship look any similar?

Here are some recent device renders and live photo shoots of a device that's supposed to be the HTC One successor.

First up are two live photos of the alleged device:

Both of which are.. not very interesting, it's just an HTC One, right?
But thats only if you ignore the hideous 'hole' on the top of the device, which I'm not sure what the heck of a purpose it serves, another camera? A fingerprint scanner perhaps?

Anyway, now lets have a look at some fan-created renders of the upcoming device:

Here, thing look a little nicer, but just a little, and just because the camera setup looks much nicer, it also gets lots of help from the fresh UI and a clean back, but lets not forget that this is just a fan render, and if you look at the live photo shoot above, you'll notice that the second 'hole' on the back is situated right where the device bends around the corner, not on a flat surface as the render shows you.

Other than that, we're back to the same old HTC One, which is getting boring fast, in fact, I really hope that this doesn't turn out to be the real deal. I believe that a real flagship deserves something much better than a design that was recycled over and over for I can't count on how many HTC devices, a flagship deserves something like.. a different HTC leak:

What d'you say about this baby, ain't she beautiful?
This device supposedly represents a new,yet unreleased, mid-range HTC device.
Called the 'desire 8', it shows its face proudly, no messy pin-doted grill here, oh no, just 4 sophisticated pieces on the top and on the bottom, this ladies and gentleman, is how to improve upon on an industrial design.

But it's not finished yet, look at the back, it's simple and retained, real minimalism, no more lines passing through and instead of roundness we now have a flat surface which creates a more edgy look, but the roundness is still left at the sides and corners to make the device comfortable to use.

But since 'desire' nowadays means 'mid-range', it will probably see a snapdragon 400 being shoved inside it, which isn't that bad, but not great either, but were here today to talk about design, and how this 'desire 8' would be a much better design 'base' for its more expensive upcoming brother, so to get the point across, we need to 'flagship' it up a little in a photo editor:

Bam! Here it is, let me introduce to you the long awaited HTC One successor.., well, not really, it's just a stupid fake, but you get the point, by the way, let's 'assume' that the HTC logo at the bottom is just a software button, i.e. part of the screen, it's HTC's customization of the 'home' soft button, y'know, we don't like hardware navigation buttons around here.

The back of the phone in this fake picture is maybe a bit too plain, also the sides need some 'flagship' work done, but despite all that, I'll still take this fresh design over the old one.
Actually, I think that the 'real' camera setup of the desire 8 fits better and looks nicer than my fake flagship, so maybe I should've left it at the corner and just increased the size and add the dual-flash, but that doesn't matter, the point is that we need something fresh, HTC knows jolly well how to make camera setups look pleasing to the eye, and we hope to see their goods soon with a fresh cloak on. Oh, and we're still hoping for this.